Mother’s Day 🌸

Counting the weeks now for opening up on 12th April, but in the meantime one of my favourite happy days of the whole year is nearly here……..

🌸🌱 Mother’s Day 🌱🌸

I’ve always loved Mothers Day.  As a girl I used to get so excited to make my lovely mum tea and toast in bed with a bunch of daffs and bar of Dairy Milk on the side.  And spend hours drawing and colouring in a home made card with glitter overload ✨😆

And with my own two I love a good old rummage through that much treasured box of home made Mothers Day notes and drawings and getting all teary and nostalgic. 👩‍👧‍👦

It’s not an easy day for so many people. I will never forget my first with arms that ached so badly for Amy, and then when my mum had passed away ~ in fact I still struggle a bit ~ and also thinking of all the would be mums and can’t be mums and were once mums. 😢  And all the incredible foster mums and step mums and surrogate mums. 🌟

There’s just something so special about honouring motherhood and maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society.  We actually should rule the world! 🌍👸🏽😂

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Lots of love

Sally xx

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