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We all know that using skincare is only part of the story.

Getting regular facials not only helps us feel good about ourselves but it also helps us take some time out to relax, have an expert work on our skin and make us look great too. 

The sad fact of life is that our collagen reduces after 35 (annoyingly) and we need that extra help to ensure our skin stays supple, soft and smooth so we can carry on feeling naturally confident. 

Home care bundles are key and you can learn more about our simple effective award winners; multi purpose balm, natural face oil and gentle face wash.

So come and join Sally and escape in her studio. 

You know you want to. 

Our Studio

Our skin health studio is based in Alresford, Hampshire and we like to think of it as a gym for the face. Our advanced facials are tailor made for your individual concerns and focus on firming facial contours, improving tone and texture and reducing congestion and puffiness.  

Simply put, they will improve your overall skin health. Our treatments are non-invasive alternatives to Botox and fillers and offer real progressive results and no downtime.

Gift vouchers are available and our healthy skin facials are popular with men too – be nice girls and share them!


Choose the treatment that’s right for you, book in and get ready to glow. 

Face Matters Facial

Signature Facial

A deep cleansing, balancing treatment focusing on improving hydration, reducing puffiness and evening out the skin tone. Includes a soothing neck and shoulder massage too. 

Face Matters Skincare, Our Studio

Techy Facial

Advanced resurfacing, high frequency, radio frequency, chromatherapy, mesotherapy, nano-needling ~ all the therapies plus more cutting edge technology to help your skin firm, lift and tighten. 

Gua Sha Facial Massage

Best of Both

Who doesn’t want it all? 90 minutes of the best facial technology alongside a holistic head, face, neck, décolleté and shoulder massage to help you look and feel your best. Essential for the most naturally confident you. Sublime!

Face Matters Skincare

Want to know the Top 10 Secrets to Glowing Skin?

These are 10 secrets that my clients do on a daily basis to help their skin to glow and so they can feel naturally confident.

It includes:

  • Advice that you only hear when you’re a paying client
  • Secrets from a professional facialist who’s been in the industry +15 years
  • No fads
  • Honest advice that makes a real difference

Just click the ‘yes please’ button to download for free now. 

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