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The Journey So Far

Sally Curson, Face Matters Founder

About Sally

Sally knows better than most the effects of stress on your skin. After suffering the tragic loss of her first daughter who died at birth, escaping an abusive relationship, being homeless, and her parents passing away, Sally developed severe rosacea across her face.

Disillusioned with skincare products and using her knowledge and experience as a facialist, Sally bought some raw ingredients and began to create bespoke facials and products.

She went on to resolve her rosacea.

Sally’s mission is to help other women, through no fault of their own, have been left traumatised and homeless, by donating to women’s refuges.

Sally's Favourite Products

“These are the products I just can’t live without. I use them on myself, my clients and everyone loves them!” 

Natural Face Oil

Face Food Serum

“Just 2-3 pumps are all you need.  This natural face oil even works as a base underneath make-up. Your skin will be soft and glowy and you’ll soon see the difference.”

Organic Face Wash Sensitive Skin

Face Off Cleanser

“So effective and this gentle face wash won’t strip the skin of its hugely important acid mantle.  Removes even waterproof makeup.”

Face Matters Happy FaceHealth Family Skin

Happy Face – The Face Matters Family

“Because apart from an SPF this is ALL you need in one handy bag. Guarantee you’ll fall in love with the system. It even includes the amazing award winner multi purpose balm”

The Face Matters Journey So Far...

Sally's Chosen Charity

Refuge is a charity that is committed to a world where domestic violence against women and girls is not tolerated and where women and children can live in safety. 

They aim to empower women and children to rebuild their lives, free from violence and fear and provide a range of life-saving and life-changing services, as well as a voice for the voiceless. 

If you’ve read Sally’s story, then you’ll know this is a charity that is close to her heart, which is why Refuge will always be one of Sally’s charitable associations. If you would like to learn more about them, just head to www.refuge.org.uk

Refuge Charity
Face Matters Skincare

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