A Wellbeing Love Story ❤️

Get Lippy

Do you look forward to February 14th? ❤️

Whether you love or loathe the “V” day it’s on it’s way and can get you to thinking about relationships….. how’s one of your most important relationships? The one you have with yourself and your wellbeing, is it a healthy one?

We expect a lot from ourselves so much of the time don’t we.  We expect to look youthful and to be productive and to be happy and to be a good partner, parent, step parent, sibling, friend, offspring, etc etc.  Ugh.  Exhausting!

I hope, as we slowly begin edging towards the Spring, that you are nurturing yourselves, your health and wellbeing and souls, and that you and your skin is all at its glowy healthy best …….. but if you need a helping hand then just click here for beautiful botanicals and here for facials (the new acids are AMAZING and I have a new whizzy toy for ultra deep cleansing and pore clearing – so exciting!)

I hope to see you in the studio soon.

Lots of Love

Sally xx