3 Handy Hints For A Multi Purpose Balm

You know that little tub of multi purpose balm you’ve got hanging around?  Well, alongside  being glowful (not sure if that’s a proper word) skincare, there’s actually a long list of other things it can do.

From fixing frizzy hair problems to quick and easy makeup hacks, it’s the ultimate beauty essential.


Glossy skin is a huge trend and balms are the quickest way to achieve the look. This works particularly well if you’re going for more of a no-makeup look. Instead of a highlighter carefully dab a little balm along your cheekbones, eyelids (if not wearing makeup) and your brow bone. Not only will it catch the light and add a little definition, but your skin will be left looking dewy and natural too.


My lockdown hair is driving me nuts now.   Balm can help  keep both the frizz and the split ends at bay (just don’t use too much otherwise it’ll leave a greasy finish). Rub a tiny bit of balm between your fingertips and smooth it through the sections of hair that need it most! ✨

Tame your brows

Unruly brows and 7 weeks til the salons are open! Carefully smooth a little balm over the hairs to keep them looking groomed, defined and in place.

Hope you can join me on 3rd March for lots of top tips and makeup/beauty hacks.  Here’s the link to sign up and a balm might come in handy.


Lots of love

Sally xx

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